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Saturday, May 26, 2012

I. General Revision english PEF. chapter I

General Revision

I.     General Revision
a.    Each of the person in the picture on the opposite page meet with an accident. Write a sentence saying why each person had an accident. The material in the patch will help you. Begin like this :
Crossed the road without looking both ways
Ran into the road after her ball
Jumped off a bus before it had stopped
Held on to the back of lorry
His brakes needed mending
Let her dog off the lead in a bussy town
b.    Ask a question about each person that requires a negative answere, e.g. 1. Did bob jump of a lorry?no, he held on the one.
c.    Now use a question tag each time that suggests a Yes answer,
e.g. bob held on to the back of a lorry, didn’t he? Yes he did.
d.   This time use a question tag that requires a No answer, e.g.
Bob didn,t run under a lorry, did he? No, he didn’t
e.     Ask each person why he or she had an accident, and let him or heruse because in answering, e.g. Why did you have an accident, Bob? I had an accident because i held on to the back of a lorry.
f.     Now ask Dr. Brown why each person had an accident, and let him use as a result of in each answer, e.g. why did bob have an accident, Dr. Brown? He had one as a result of holding on to the beck of lorry
g.    Give a warning about the cause of each accident, using it is dangerous to ..., e.g. : it is dangerous to hold on to the back of a lorry.
h.    Reword your warnings, using Never, e.g. : never hold on to the back of a lorry


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