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Saturday, May 26, 2012


short story


Part one
jim andrews on one day said to his wife that he would go to alaska to sell 200 cattle to the miners in Alaska, but his wife was not allowed because according to his wife's Alaska is a place of strange and very dangerous, and according to him was the dumbest idea ever she heard,

his wife said that once thousands of miners seeking gold lost and did not return home may miners were dead in the snow somewhere, but Jim said that he was not looking for gold but will sell livestock and jim andrews had planned very well and he will still go to alaska to obtain more money from the sale of fresh meat.
then jim and two Cowboys that is tomhendrick and bob O'Neil bought 300 cattle and some food supplies, and meet their guide who called andi Robins

one week later animals were placed in the back of the car is very noisy and the middle of the journey in the city of Seattle they saw thousands of gold miners, but Jim was not interested,

one night in their ships they encounter a storm the night and thrown to the deck andi Robins ship until a broken leg and finally guides andi could not continue the journey.
but Jim still believes himself to continue the journey without a guide. jim using a compass for direction.

jim and another friend about to give them face many problems in their journey, Jim began to believe the advice of his wife that the trip was not a brilliant idea.

jim and three theme trying to struggle to continue the journey and in Alaska there is a large ice-filled river, snow storms, hot lava, mosquito bites, cold weather is wild, and wild dogs that have eaten their livestock.

the cowboy finally lost and did not return home and never gave the news to the family.


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