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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dialog singkat dalam bahasa inggris

Percakapan singkat dalam bahasa inggris

A : What’s up sis?
B : Not okay..!
A : Why? Do you have problem?
B : Yes, I have any something problem .
A : why? Can you tell meabout it .
B : I’m forget bring the papper for this lesson .
A : What? Just it?
      I advise you to relax .
B : What relax?
A : Yes, because I have other papper in my bag .
B : Really..!
A : Yes .
B : Can I use the orther papper it?
A : Of course, this is for you .
B : Thank you very much .
A : U’re welcome sis .

Mboyy : Ipi, are you busy today?
Ipi       : No, I’m free today, what’s up?
Mboyy : I want invite you to come my footshall competition .
Ipi       : When ?
Mboyy : Next week ?
Ipi        : Where to competition to go on ?
Mboyy : In footshall station, do you know?
Ipi       : Oh, yes I know
             May I invite my friend to join your competition .
Mboyy : Yes, you get it .
Ipi       : When will the registration opening?
Mboyy  : Tomorrow it will be open .
Ipi        : Ok, tomorrow I will register your competition .
Mboyy : I hope you to be a winner of my competition .
Ipi        : I hope soo, Thank’s for your information and has invite me to join your competition .
Mboyy : U’re welcome, see you next week .
Ipi       : See you too .


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